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  1. Duncan Phelps says:

    Any comments? How do you feel about your Identification?
    “A protectorate” is a two way street. Last I knew, U.S. Inc.—a corporate beast—was not “under our Creator” nor any Interdimensionals either.

    Greetings to all with and of Hawaiian Kingdom,
    This may seem a little “out there.” However, within the Bigger Picture, when one looks into it, this encompasses much and grips at the our basics.

    I am writing regarding the use of “an address.” For decades I have been establishing a record of not being a resident of the [rule of Admiralty (City or London)/corporate/debt-based-petro-dollar] forum/body politic.

    I have tried to keep current with sovereignty issues. It seems Hawaii has achieved the greater accomplishments re: ?Statehood? What I try to point out is that any Republic or Kingdom can exist and already does exist—apart—from any incorporated body politic (flat Earth/2 dimensional reality/on-paper). Therefore any overthrow/coup of an Admiralty code based body is totally NOT necessary nor is it advised.
    Republics or Kingdoms can and do already exist due to historical based precedents. We merely have to re-occupy them. Two separate systems can exist, altho I suspect when a critical mass is achieved under a Republic or Kingdom of God, the negative-debt-based system will collapse from within (as it already is happening, but not according to mainline news [..and how many actually believe in them or the corporate government lies any more?]).

    What I want to do is include in any formal address I write a line stating “Hawaiian Kingdom protectorate.” It would be something like this:

    my name not in ALL capital letters

    Duncan Phelps
    Gov’nor of 51st e-state
    Area 54
    Hawaiian Kingdom protectorate
    (possible name of an unincorporated village)anywhere, Manasseh Complex
    Time Station Earth

    As long as the Hawaiian Kingdom is, under, or of God, presuming it is our Great Creator; and this I have already read within some of your writings, is the case… we are “good to go.”

    The more people that become aware of our stand, the further along we will be.
    Since there are so many military base of operations on the Hawaiian Islands this is another important issue herein.
    If you want any of the number of copies of filings I have recently made, please ask and I will send them. 3 of my e-books are on Amazon Kindle under my name.
    The JAG filing [attached below] under # 2 is more centered on my individual issue, as with many other like minds.

    Suggest you familiarize yourself with such material as:

    Also with China holding a debt against citizens of U.S.Inc. these chattel, in effect, are slaves/property of any [near] future claim/take-over.
    It is important that any identifications/papers-please NOT be registered-to/under the incorporated debt of U.S.Inc.
    Which brings me to another question: How can I obtain a driver’s license through the Hawaiian Kingdom? (If you are not far along into implementing these… haste should be shown.) The State of Colorado [incorporated under the U.S.] has conveniently/synchronicity/timely CANCELLED my driver’s license as of last month because I did not get a physical examination.

    Duncan Phelps, Gov’nor of 51st e-state

  2. Duncan Phelps says:

    copy of JAG filing:

    Judge Advocate General Corps and higher commands

    On behalf of myself, other veterans, active duty personnel, and the patriotic population of America I request an investigation within the following areas and charges are to be brought against the various individuals and parties responsible for these negative actions which have resulted in our dire state. The corruption in this Nation has become so great that nothing can change unless the full power of the U.S. military is brought into play to alter this course we are on. There must be some clause regarding the duties of our military which gives it the necessary power to enact an investigation and then determinations of guilt regarding such treasonous circumstances.

    1.) Soldiers were left behind in both the Korean War and Vietnam. There maybe too many years that have gone by to do much regarding this, and there have supposed to have been investigations into these already. However, a more recent occurrence has transpired and that is with those soldiers guarding Ambassador Stevens, in Benghazi, Libya. A look into the Department of State would be one place to start.

    2.) Military and former active duty soldiers have been harassed, criminalized, and arrested for lack of address and residency requirements. Many have never been able “to go back home” (return to civilian life) after serving in the military. Some of us have seen too much and our outlook and knowledge of reality has been widened to the extent, “we can never go home again.” What was [safely] “home,” is no more. We must correct the wrongs or suffer torment forever. This has often been swept under the rug after mistakenly being labelled: PTSD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I myself have been living out of my small car for years, with no address.

    3.) Congressman and Senators have given their powers over to the lobbyists of the largest corporations. These lobbyists and their corporate owners have been writing our laws and rules for years.

    4.) Trade issues are one of the most important issues for our Nation. The White House has negotiated in secret trade deals with international corporations. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) is only the most recent. This will have nation changing results if passed. It will make NAFTA look like kindergarten and child’s play.

    5.) High altitude spraying has been going on since the mid 1990s. Why? There is much secrecy behind this ongoing program. It is commonly termed “Chem-trails.” There is a difference between this and common contrails. Whether this is only a geoengineering program or something in addition, if the controllers are doing this thinking it will fix “global warming,” the Earth has been in a cooling cycle for a few years, and the clouding of our atmosphere will do the opposite of what they intend. Our Solar System has cycles, and fixing Earth has little to do with great cycles such as these.

    6.) The corporation Monsanto, and others have gotten the green light from government regulators, due to false test results and doctored evidence, and now are contaminating natural methods of seed propagation. These Genetically Modified Organisms will not be able to be fixed and “put back into their bottles” when they compromise our pre-history proven naturally derived seeds. These GMOs slowly make both animals and humans sick and are totally unhealthy. They are not good as they cross natural barriers between different sub-species and introduce totally new chemical productions within the cell themselves. GMO crops are designed to make greater profits for these corporations, and have nothing to do with the health of ourselves nor the planet.

    The military could get a great deal of the above accomplished during the upcoming Jade Helm 15 exercise, as confusion is occurring across the U.S. under the circumstances of this and future similar exercises.

    May 27th, 2015 Duncan Phelps

    Notation of May 29th, 2015:
    What do the above 6 charges all have in common? They are all the results of one thing. In one word that would be: corporatism. Corporatism is a beast. Most of my life I have been told the enemy is either communism, the Eastern Block, Saddam, the Muslims, Al Qaeda, Qaddafi, Russia, or now it is supposed to be ISIS. I now am aware the real enemy has been corporatism and the few richest families in the world who brought this to us so they may maintain control over their numbered—TIN/SSN—chattel/bondmen. Call it “the military industrial complex” or whatever, we have been had. We have acted like fools, falling for mountains of propaganda. “All wars are bankers wars.”
    I am releasing this and the other papers enclosed to the public on a very limited basis, and will continue to do so in the future.
    If you want to communicate and/or meet, I can be messaged at: as I have no permanent address. Am presently out of [awaiting] V.A.’s Raymond G. Murphy Medical Center, Albuquerque, due to blood in my stool and urine tract, etc.
    Someone, somebodies up the chain of command should be able to instigate something of a game plan similar to what I lay out in these papers or parallel. Hopefully, this task is already well underway as somebodies have seen “the writing on the wall” long before I have.

    Duncan Phelps, onetime Sgt., USAF

  3. Risa Shima says:

    My name is Risa Shima and I work for Konikson Productions, LLC.

    Our production company would like to film your landing pad in Big Island.
    We are producing a Japanese TV show, and Japanese TV director is highly interested in the landing pad.

    If possible, we would like to film and interview.

    Thank you in advance for your time.


    Risa Shima

  4. Greg O'Neill says:

    Aloha, when I lived along Banyan Street, in Hilo, I hoped to be able to stay, and help the Hawaiian People restore their nationhood, and independence from the mainland, as you now import 85% of your food and all of your fuels from nations you depend on, not to mention your dependence on tourism to support your nation economically. At this time I have been given the opportunity to secure the 3,139 acre ‘Ohana Sanctuary’ along Chin Chuck Road, with 1,139 acres designated for conservation of the old growth Koa and Ohia trees there, with the remaining 2,000 acres zoned for agriculture. IF it is possible to work with the Hawaiian Kingdom to lovingly steward that Aina to provide food, as well as fiber for new ‘green’ industries to bless and sup- port the nation of Hawai’i, then I would welcome dialog along those lines. The land is in need of someone to protect it, as well as to work with it, to keep the soil fertile, and free of contaminants, protecting the native species of plants and animals there now, and restoring the pastures to food forests that will help to feed people in the islands. The fate and destiny of the islands is perilous now, with offshore nuclear isotopes floating in the Pacific, thanks to the Japanese people at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and their four ruined reactors, which still pose a threat to all nations. I, and my group of inventive friends, have access to clean energy systems, as well as nuclear re- mediation technology to render all nuclear materials inert, including those in the ocean now. IF it’s possible to work with the lawful Kingdom of Hawai’i and the Royal Order of King Kamehameha the First to serve the People, and their future, please let me know. The advanced technologies the Star Visitors use to visit our world are the very same we hope to bring to all nations, given a chance to do so, to end energy defi- cits as well as to provide clean propulsion to take us to the Stars. Mahalo for your time and attention now, if what I have said is welcome, and you would like to dialog with me, please feel to connect with me soon.

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