Hawaii Star Visitor Contact Protocols

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  1. Even if the status of the Reinstated Kingdom of Hawaii as politically sovereign is in a gradual process of being internationally accepted by political entities including United Nations-recognized countries, these contact protocols can already form a legal precedent regarding a unique situation that pertains to all humanity; situation perhaps reaching into our human past before modern nations were formed. Since after more than 67 years of (mostly private citizen-based) research there is a sufficient amount of reasonable evidence to assume that ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) may already be present and in some ways interacting with Humanity and Earth (even in ways that do not correspond to conventional SETI methods), the fact that a re-coalescing and emerging political entity takes this into consideration is a important step and example. The re-instated kingdom would include modernity but also a state of awareness in which other forms of direct, experiential contact with the cosmos and various forms of intelligence were acknowledged.

    The willingness to inform not only the United Nations but also scientists and the world community in case a verifiable contact takes place is an important and welcome example. If ETI is already closer than what is normally admitted on an official manner these contact protocols probably send a signal in the name of humanity that at least some political bodies are not willing to ridicule the issue. The fact that an area of land has been reserved for the possibility of peaceful landings and/or making contact also signals a willingness for a mutually respectful exchange that should be emulated.

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