How Space Aliens Could Advance Cause of Hawaiian Independence

HSV-Plague-croppedCan Aliens Advance Cause for Independence?

Mr. Hoffeld, a member of the Lawful Hawaiian Government, a Hawaiian sovereignty group that seeks independence from the U.S., sees the lava field as a perfect spot for extraterrestrial encounters.

“It just sort of looks like a landing pad,” says the 61-year-old Mr. Hoffeld, gesturing toward an undeveloped patch of black and red earth. An altar of black rocks cradling some futuristic-looking ornaments stands nearby. A handmade sign announces “Star Visitor Sanctuary.”

Seeking out alien visitors might seem as improbable as reinstating the Hawaiian Kingdom of more than 120 years ago. But the Lawful Hawaiian Government, which created the alien welcome mat last year, believes it could help advertise its cause. Alien visitors are invited to “establish diplomatic relations” and demonstrate their technologies “for the benefit of all humanity, marine and animal life.” …

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