New Dedication Ceremony and Contact Protocols


New Plague for the Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary. The original was destroyed by Hurricane Iselle. Created by Donna Grabow.

For the upcoming New Moon on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 there will be a public event for the Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary. The event will feature the laying of quartz crystals in the Hawaiian rock wall being constructed around the Sanctuary, a sacred ceremony by the Women of the Womb, and a reading of the Star Visitor Contact Protocols by Michael Weeks, Big Island Representative  for the Kingdom of Hawaii.

The event starts at 4 pm, and all are invited to attend. The event will be followed by Uncle Roberts Wednesday farmers market. Later in the evening there will be a sky watching event so please bring portable chairs to watch the night action!

Here’s the official schedule:

3:30 -arriving at the HSVS site. Set-up and beach rock gathering.

4:00 -Opening pule by Hawaiian Government Minister of the Interior, Naliko Markel.
Followed by Women of the Womb, WOW, crystal bowls, chanting, etc. to gather awareness and positive energy.

4:20 -Rev Keala Noel, of Kapoho Crystal Grotto, will will provide ceremony and placement of over 100 crystals around the perimeter. We will assist by adding beach rocks to protect the crystals.

4:40 -Puna Representative, Michael Weeks will read the contact protocols. Followed by crystal bowls, chanting, etc. to close the ceremony.

After the Wednesday Hoolaulea, We are inviting those interested to bring chairs, binoculars, etc to watch the sky and talk story.

Special thanks to Aloha Healing Women¬† for generously donating crystals for this event’.

All supporters of the Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary are invited to sign up to our social media sites to get the latest updates.

Special Note: the current Lava Flow from the PuuOo crater is projected to cut off Route 130, the main access to lower Puna and the Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary around the time of the event. So please come prepared for the unexpected. “Coincidently” the lava flow began the same day as the launch of the Sanctuary on June 27. Perhaps the goddess Pele is telling us something!

Mahalo Nui Loa

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2 Responses to New Dedication Ceremony and Contact Protocols

  1. Dea Rackley says:

    Will gather Steptember 23rd, 1-5 TUES at STEAM VENT INN
    In preparation for the HAWAII STAR VISITORS RECEPTION.
    Women of the Womb


  2. I am looking forward to participating in the ceremony on Wednseday. I feel very exicted that the crystals I brought from Arkansas which were created over 300 million years ago by Madam Pele are joining her here in Puna to begin a new era of earth/star communications!

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