Video Interviews with Lawful Hawaiian Government Prime Minister & Foreign Minister

The following interviews with Prime Minister Henry Noa and Foreign Minister Nelson Armitage of the Lawful Hawaiian Government (LHG) took place on Jan 17 after the completion of the legislative session. The session was part of the 40th legislative convention held by the Reinstated Hawaii Kingdom from Jan 16-18 at Kalapana, Big Island of Hawaii. Both are asked a range of questions concerning the LHG, its international activities, upcoming Sept 12 election, and reaction to the Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary initiative by Big Island legislators.   Read more [...]
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Hawaiians take action to wrest back sovereign control from USA

[Extract from] In an extraordinary act of political defiance to US sovereign control over the Hawaiian Islands, Hawaiian nationals held a legislative convention from Jan. 16-18 to enact laws for a restored Hawaii Kingdom. Among the legal issues tackled by the convention was land reforms to prevent U.S. courts from displacing native Hawaiians whose entitlement to land dates back to the overthrown Kingdom. Big Island Video News covered the land titles issue with a Jan 18 video of a keynote address at the convention. Among the sovereignty groups aiming to reinstate the overthrown Hawaii Kingdom, the Lawful Hawaiian Government (LHG) is unique insofar as it has a functioning legislature Read more [...]
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Hawaii lava flow to facilitate First Contact according to extraterrestrial message

On October 31, an alleged communication was released from an extraterrestrial group calling itself the Intergalactic Board of Council regarding the Puu Oo lava flow in the Puna region of the Big Island of Hawaii and its connection with First Contact. Major national news outlets have covered the lava flow which is poised to cut through the town of Pahoa, and flow soon after over Route 130, the major roadway connecting lower Puna to the rest of the Big Island. If the lava flow continues on to the ocean, which is a distinct possibility, the only access to the lower Puna region will eventually be through Chain of Craters road which is currently being rebuilt in case Puna is cut off. Chain of Read more [...]
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Videos of ceremonies for Hawaii Star Visitor Contact Protocols

On September 24, 2014 there was a gathering at the Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary to rededicate the assigned land for the Sanctuary through various ceremonies including a reading of the newly launched Star Visitor Contact Protocols. Naliko Merkel, the Interior Minister for the Lawful Hawaiian Government of the Hawaii KIngdom gave the opening remarks. These can be viewed in the first video that follows. In the second video, ceremonies were conducted to sanctify the Star Visitor Sanctuary, as well as a reading of the Hawaii Star Visitor Protocols. More information about the protocols is available here: http://www.hawaiistarvisitorsanctuary... Read more [...]
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New Dedication Ceremony and Contact Protocols

For the upcoming New Moon on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 there will be a public event for the Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary. The event will feature the laying of quartz crystals in the Hawaiian rock wall being constructed around the Sanctuary, a sacred ceremony by the Women of the Womb, and a reading of the Star Visitor Contact Protocols by Michael Weeks, Big Island Representative  for the Kingdom of Hawaii. The event starts at 4 pm, and all are invited to attend. The event will be followed by Uncle Roberts Wednesday farmers market. Later in the evening there will be a sky watching event so please bring portable chairs to watch the night action! Here's the official schedule: 3:30 Read more [...]
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